Studio Kirby Photography has been producing high quality school, university & Sporting team photography for over 20 years. With inhouse graphic designers to customize your organisations templates & layouts we guarantee the perfect finish everytime. We look after your school group & individual packages, Sibling portraits, Co-Curricular (Sporting & Cultural Groups) ID Cards, PR Shoots, Yearbook photography, Formal & special event photography.

Why Choose Us?

Studio Kirby is Queenslands’ premier school photography, video and marketing company.

Our comprehensive and personalised service has allowed us to form long-term collaborative partnerships with some of the top schools in South East Queensland.

At Studio Kirby we pride ourselves on using flexibility, professionalism and a positive attitude to accomplish every task in a respectful manner to both students, staff and parents.

We Have A Great Team

We are not just a family run business the team has also grown beyond the immediate family, with a number of photography and video specialists also proudly plying their trade for the company.

  • Matt

    Matt is founding partner in Studio Kirby. His professional goal was to change the stagnated and traditional school photography industry. Matt enjoys time behind the lens as well as building the business. Quirky Feature: Always like to wear socks.

  • Michael

    With over 15 years in the industry, Michael has successfully disrupted the traditional school photography industry to create an industry-leading business. Quirky Feature: I like my lawn perfectly mowed.

  • Alice

    Alice was the first employee at Studio Kirby and has been working in graphic design for the last 5 years. Alice’s organisational skills have recently been put to good use as she takes over the Office Manager role in 2018. Quirky feature: Has six chooks.

  • Blair

    Blair is our resident IT and video expert. He specialises in the technical side of film execution and editing. He loves the challenge of creating new content in an engaging way that resonates with the target audience.
    Quirky Feature: Eating cereal with no milk.

  • David

    David is a senior photographer at Studio Kirby with 20 Years experience, specialising in portrait and school photography. He has been working with schools across Australia, predominantly in Queensland for the past 13 years. His eye for detail has earned him an esteemed reputation. Quirky Feature: My personality.

  • Frances

    With 11 years experience, Frances started as a children’s and pets portrait photographer. She spent time as a newborn photographer and image retoucher while travelling the world. Quirky Feature: Can’t raise one eyebrow at a time.

  • Lisa

    Lisa recently completed her design and photography degree and looks forward to gaining more experience in the field. She would like to grow her photography skills with Studio Kirby. Quirky feature: Used to be a gymnast.

  • Mia

    Mia recently became part of the team. Quirky Feature: Still a secret.

  • Elliott

    Elliott recently became part of the team. Quirky Feature: Still a secret.

  • Wendy

    Wendy recently became part of the team. Quirky Feature: Still a secret.