Studio Kirby Photography has been producing high quality school, university & Sporting team photography for over 30 years.

With inhouse graphic designers to customize your organisations templates & layouts we guarantee the perfect finish everytime.

We look after your school group & individual packages, Sibling portraits, Co-Curricular (Sporting & Cultural Groups) ID Cards, PR Shoots, Yearbook photography, Formal & special event photography.

Why Choose Us?

Studio Kirby is Queenslands’ premier school photography, video and marketing company.

Our comprehensive and personalised service has allowed us to form long-term collaborative partnerships with some of the top schools in South East Queensland.

At Studio Kirby we pride ourselves on using flexibility, professionalism and a positive attitude to accomplish every task in a respectful manner to both students, staff and parents.

We Have A Great Team

We are not just a family run business the team has also grown beyond the immediate family, with a number of photography and video specialists also proudly plying their trade for the company.

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